Tax Preparation

Preparing company taxes can be both an overwhelming and stressful ordeal. Small errors can result in audits and serious penalties. We can help you avoid these outcomes by preparing your taxes correctly.

  • Massive experience in tax preparation for small businesses and global enterprises.
  • Can prepare 1040, 1120, 1120s, 1065, 990 1041 and 706 tax returns,
  • Accurate tax preparation services to give you peace of mind and avoid penalties.
  • You can save money in the long run from valuable credits and money-saving deductions.

Tax Planning

Before preparing your taxes, you should be aware of ways you can reduce tax liability while saving money in the future. Our tax planning services offer this foresight and preventative measures to avoid tax consequences.

  • We can help you assess your tax situation before reporting.
  • You can begin uncovering legal maneuvers to reduce potential tax consequences.
  • We can achieve your goals for the future through responsible planning.
  • Our team can provide you with tax guidance and savings advice.


Monthly financial responsibilities, also known as bookkeeping, is absolutely essential. Bookkeeping tasks can grow as your business grows. Allow us to tackle these responsibilities so you don’t have to.

  • Professional bookkeeping services for all business types and sizes.
  • Efficient data entry that accurately reflects the state of your monthly finances.
  • Handling incoming and outgoing invoices.
  • Preparing tax-compliance forms, such as annual W2s, W3s, 1099s, and 1096.

CFO Services

Hiring a chief financial officer isn’t a reality for many small businesses. Even larger organizations struggle to keep much of their finances in order with an employed CFO. Our expansive CFO services can help you position your company for future success.

  • We will generate periodical reports that are specific to your business objectives, allowing you to see where your business currently stands and where it’s heading.
  • We will oversee the efforts of your bookkeeping and controller staff and ensure there are necessary checks and balances to ensure compliance and accuracy.
  • We will help you generate a budget and financial projections to make sure that your company is trending in the right direction.
  • We can provide insight into best-case and worst-case scenarios to keep your staff fully informed in our processes.
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