Best Writing an Essay in US

Sep 8, 2023

College essay experts suggest that students narrow their topic and write about their interests and quirks, strengths, and common experiences. Admissions officers are often able to emphasize memorable essays that are not about the student’s major achievements. This way, they will have more time to look over the essay and evaluate the quality of the essay.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, a prominent American writer with a liberal and democratic outlook is among the most famous writers. Many of his short stories and essays focused on the advantages of living in a free independent nation. The mood of American authors changed after the revolution of 1776, and they became more optimistic. They wrote about the benefits of economic growth and the need for freedom and justice for the oppressed people.

Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf was a brilliant writer but her own life was a disaster. From 1910 to 1915, her mental condition was precarious. In the aftermath, she paper to type on revised her novel Melymbrosia that she published in 1913, titled The Voyage Out. The novel’s protagonist, Rachel Vinrace, was inspired by her own experiences. She had lived in a quiet environment and only experienced sexuality and freedom during a trip to South America. She eventually died in her marriage, after contracting a terrible disease in the Amazon.

Virginia Woolf’s father, Leslie Stephen, visited the US during the Civil War, where he met many American writers. James Russell Lowell was one of them. Woolf considered her godfather. He visited her family often and gave them gifts. The Lowells became close family friends with the Stephens and Virginia Woolf wrote many her most memorable works while living in America.

Woolf had a surprisingly progressive view on human sexuality. Woolf married a Jew and used stereotypical archetypes in her writings. She was averse to the Jewish laughter and voice offensive. Virginia Woolf was a critic of Christianity and considered it shallow and self-serving. She also opposed patriarchal societies, fascism, and other forms of fascism.

Her novel, Imagination, is set in an environment where privacy isn’t a reality. The story’s inspiration comes largely from Woolf’s work “American Fiction.” To comprehend the world Woolf read Lewis, Dreiser, and Sherwood Anderson.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert was a film critic and one of the most well-known essayists in America. While he wasn’t an academic film student but he had broad tastes and a witty style. He was a prolific writer and a Pulitzer Prize winner. He wrote daily film reviews and pioneered television film criticism.

Ebert began his career as a green reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times Sunday magazine. His success at the paper led to a promotion to film critic, and he displayed an enthusiastic enthusiasm for film writing. The first day of his new position, he reviewed the French film Galia, which advanced opinion on the French “New Wave” of films.

As writer, Ebert forged an intimate bond with his audience. He wrote autobiographical works and reviewed films, and even journaled online when he was unable speak. He was a prolific writer who had great sensitiveness. During the last seven years of his life, Ebert faced cancer and impending death. His writings captured the essence and details of life.

Roger Ebert was the first film critic to win the Pulitzer Prize. His fame grew in the 1980s due to Siskel & Ebert, a popular television show. The show, originally known as Sneak Previews, was sold to syndication, and soon became a huge hit. They were known for their irreverent opinions and earned seven Emmy nominations during primetime in the 1990s.

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